Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Let's fire this thing back up again. I've been inspired recently to record my thoughts and experiences. I've been reading in my journals from my Mission the past few nights. I left on my mission when I was 19. I had lived 19 years on this earth pre-mission. Was in Korea for 2 years returning to Utah when I was 21. Fast forward 22 years to today. I can't believe my life post mission is now longer than my pre-mission life. It's mind boggling to me. What have I learned? I've traveled the world. Seen some amazing things. Met some amazing people. Had many, truly life altering experiences. Here's what I know.

Family and Friends determine, to a large extent the richness of one's life
Experiences add the flavor and color
Always plan things to look forward to - they'll get you through the hard times
Things don't make you happy but they can make experiences more fulfilling
No matter how much money you have, you could always use more
I searched for YEARS to find peace and contentment
I realized YEARS later that it's part of our humanity to learn to live with worry, stress and anxiety; ...it's part of the journey
Pure joy comes when you least expect it, and often at the most peculiar times. 
Sadness never lasts forever; neither does laughter
Life is easiest when you love deepest
Hatred and bitterness drain the soul
Our fears of what might happen are always worse than what actually does happen
Children have the answers and live in a magical world. Try to be there with them often
It's easy to be lazy, it's hard to stay motivated; sometimes it's hard to smile and easy to cry
Being outside is almost ALWAYS better than being inside.
Don't skimp on important things: buy quality whenever possible. It always pays off in the long run
Above all else, be nice to one another. Care about each other. Help your neighbor. The end.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coed Softball - What a BLAST!!

DRocks account of last nights game...
Joe, We would have won but here is how it shook down. We were getting killed 10-1 in the 5th. After a monster home run by Nick in the 6th and bhudda in the 7th, and a few key hits after we found ourselves down only 10-8. With one out, Kate hit a nice grounder to the hot boy at short. Kate, sure to impress the hot boy, ran her heart out to prove her worthiness that she, yes she should be held in his rippling muscles. Unfortunately hot boy, being the bastard he is still tried to throw her out. The throw was slightly high causing the plain yet tall girl at first to jump ever so slightly. As plain yet tall girl was in the air the following two events occurred. 1. plain yet tall girl caught the ball and 2. Kate reached the orange bag. Now although Kate was safe, Matt otherwise known as Tall Beardy Umpire, or “Matthew” if you are a girl named Summer that is trying to hit on Tall Beardy Umpire, proceeded to call Kate out. Now she was clearly safe but Gilbert had a front row seat and decided to fight for the call to be overturned. Gilbert was very convincing, at least to us, but Tall Beardy Umpire(TBU) wasn’t going to back down. And apparently neither was Gilbert. Gilbert got so riled up that he ended up screaming at TBU. When a rogue piece of saliva exited Gilberts mouth reaching TBU’s cheek (thus essentially meaning Gilbert and TBU kissed), a multitude of events shook down. TBU was pissed and threw Gilbert out of the game, Gilbert was pissed because he knew he was right, Kate was still dreaming about hot boy on short, Summer was jealous of Gilbert and that he essentially kissed TBU, Nick was still passed out on the bench because he had to jog all four bases from his home run and bhudda was out signing autographs (which was weird because no one was asking for it). After Gilbert was thrown out, kaye Lynn was up and ran like hell to stretch a single into a double via a spectacular slide and made an ESPN top 10 play of the day. Now here is the best part. Next up should have been Gilbert (thus representing the tying run)but because he was thrown out of the game we had to take an auto out. Well it just so happens this was our 3rd out of the inning and also the final out of the game!! Thus we lost and it was 100% Gilberts fault. If only Gilbert would have known that the secret to overturning a call was to proclaim “scouts honor” to TBU we wouldn’t have been in such a sad situation!

Now that is what I remember….

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wedding Day from Adam Wills on Vimeo.

Thanks to Larissa's friend for putting this together!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Macie learned to ride her bike Saturday!!!

What a fun day! We tried all last summer and it just wasn't happening, then on Saturday - she said she was ready and just took off with almost no help from me. Then it was around the block about 40 times!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fishing 2.2.09 Vivian Park

On my way back from volunteering at Macie's school, I had a little time before the sun set - and just happened to have my gear in the trunk! What an awesome day!!!

Children's Theatre - "The Twits"

On the train
The Roly-Poly BirdMacie, Lolo, Ari and new friend playing at intermission

Sledding at Soldier Hollow

Chillin in the lodge
Love this picture of Mace!